Draft appeal for Carbon on the invoices

The concentration of human greenhouse gases has been built up over 10 generations (250 years). The last 2 generations have achieved 2 successes: the danger for the following generations is now understood and the countries are mobilized. Members of the EU have defined their 2050 Trajectory: the annual reductions in the carbon footprint of their demand which would make it possible to interrupt the continuous degradation of the climate as of 2050.


We will not succeed without a general mobilization around precise and sincere figures.

  • Individuals, companies, banks, public authorities…: we must each easily measure our contribution to the reductions of the year and know how to improve it.
  • This is possible if the invoice or price tag of each product or service indicates the carbons emitted by its production.
  • And each producer easily indicates this footprint if he is helped by his accountants and carbon experts, themselves supported by the public authorities.


Carbon on the invoices is a non-partisan initiative that changes everything. It is described in detail on the carbones-factures.org website.