The challenge : a swift mobilization on 2050 Trajectories

How to trigger a swift general mobilization around 2050 Trajectories?

A rapid mobilization of each national community against GHGs is only possible if each actor quickly has a precise and sincere measure of the GHGs he uses. One condition for this is that each offer must have its carbon footprint, and therefore that its producer must be able to calculate its footprint and make it easily known (understanding “producer” in the broadest sense: company, individual, bank, administration producing a public service…)

This is impossible today: each producer cannot calculate the precise and sincere carbon footprint of his offer, nor communicate it easily. He would need the footprint of his suppliers to calculate his own footprint, and they themselves would also need the footprint of their own suppliers… It is a vicious circle with no satisfactory answer so far:

– Exempting small producers from considering their suppliers removes any accuracy from their footprint, as the suppliers’ footprint often represents the bulk of it.

– Letting large producers make their own internal assumptions removes accuracy and sincerity from their footprint, by multiplying methods without control.


An answer : Carbon on the invoices

Carbon on the invoices would meet the challenge of a swift general mobilization against Greenhouse Gases, by helping each producer to transmit the carbon footprint of its offers on its bill or price tag.